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Art and functionality in stone carving

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In Tobías Stone, handmade works are made combining art and functionality. Behind this concept is the artisan Óscar Tobías.

The robustness of a carved stone is fully compatible with a creative design, and the beauty of the natural lines with the practicality of an object which can be used daily.

Works with soft finishes, polished, with reliefs, cruder and more primitive, or focused on a message.

For garden and urban planning, an interior space, or engravings for individuals and companies, among others, the following creations can be found:

Lamps           Coat racks        Decorative stones for homes and gardens
Monoliths     Corporate designs       Personalised works

Traditional technique, a lot of patience and meticulousness in the work is what characterises this stone creation workshop. The whole process that encompasses each work is done by hand, recalling the industriousness of the old stonemasons.


It is not possible to understand an artist without also their space. Óscar Tobías has established himself in the north of Spain, in a region that loves stone like no other, Cantabria, whose name itself even carries it (the Celtic root of Cant means stone or rock). Since long ago the region has produced the best stone craftsmen of the country.


In the stone, as in the wood, used in the creations of Tobías Stone are superior materials, sensitively warmed, and of great natural beauty.
For this reason they are never treated with chemical agents in the process, only wax and natural products. In this way the purity is preserved within the works.


The workshop is situated in the middle of nature, surrounded and embraced by it. And of course this clearly influences the designs that are later polished on the stone, carving it and providing it with its own personal voice. Like the majority of craftsmen and stonecutters, nature appears as a constant influence throughout the process.


All the materials are locally sourced from Cantabria and its wide-ranging mountainous surroundings. For this reason the works produced by Tobías Stone are unique and exclusive. No moulds exist. Each stone or wood is distinct from all others, with its own beauty and personality, just as the people or surroundings from which they come.


Garden / Landscaping

Carved stones, stelas and monoliths for outdoor decoration and urban planning

A carved stone quickly becomes the centre of attention in a space, be it in a corner, or in an entrance. Perhaps it is also one of the decorative ornaments most used in gardens and landscaping, due mainly to the feelings of origin, permanence and rotundity that it transmits in a natural environment, unbeatable over time.

The finish can be polished and shiny, matte and rough, deeply carved, coarser, or focusing on a specific point (a logo, symbol, name, or phrase).

In Tobías Stone each work is sculpted keeping in mind the space in which it will become part of, where it will communicate and offer a brushstroke of personality.

The size of these carved stones ranges from 40 to 70 cm. high.

In addition to this more common format, large structures such as monoliths and megaliths are also worked on. 

stela celtic stone garden
carved stone for garden celtic Tobías Stone
Carved stone granite decoration corporate logo
Monolith carved stone for garden Tobías Stone


Decoration / Home

Carved decorative stones, stands, lamps, sculptures

In Tobías Stone, special dedication is given to the creation of works for interior and functional works, such as decorative stones, lamps and stands.

Within this concept of interior decoration, the use of stone is combined with wood.

These are noble materials that are chosen in detail, checking that there is a harmony between them that is transferred to the final result, preserving its lines and its original beauty.

Different woods or branches are never assembled, but each work is created by a single piece whose shape already predisposes a certain use.

lamps and stand of natural wood and stone
Carved decoratives stones crafstman
Stone and natural wood decoration for home Tobías Stone
Carved decorative stone design home


Personalised works

Stones carved with names, designs, corporate logos…

One of the most striking features of a carved stone is possibly its ability to communicate over time. That is why it is customary for families, companies, hotels or restaurants to demand personalised stone works.

Names, designs, symbols, typographies or logos are sculpted by hand in each work to give them a unique meaning.

All of Tobías Stone’s creations can be personalised: carved stones for the garden, signs engraved in stone, and works for interior decoration (such as lamp bases and racks).

These engravings can turn the creations into a special gift or creating collections to decorate a house or an establishment

signs engraved in stone
personalised carver stone custom work



Orders, commissions, information and quotes for customers / distribution for shops

stone craftsman carved stone decor
If, as a client, you wish to obtain information about the Tobías Stone pieces, place an order, develop a personalised idea, request a quote, or buy any of the works you have seen on the website, do not hesitate to contact the workshop.

And if, as a shop, you would like to have the Tobías Stone creations in your catalogue, we would be happy to hear from you.

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